Easy Checker for Rental SIM Extension Fee

How much extension fee will be applied is depends on plans and rental periods.
In this page, you can easily check that by yourself just by sliding the bar below.
After knowing the extension fee and want to extend your rental item(s), follow the procedure detailed on the bottom of this page.

Extension Period: {{ total }} day(s)

Japan rental sim card
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Extension Period: {{ total }} day(s)

¥{{ item.price }} (¥{{item.priceperday}}/Day)

How to Extend Rental Period

  1. Log in to My Page
  2. Click EXTEND button displayed on your rental status.
  3. Complete your order and payment for the extension period.

You will receive the updated return date by email. It's done!

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Notes for Return Envelope

We do not issue a new return envelope for the item(s) which rental periods are extended.
Please use the return envelope enclosed in a rental package set sent from us.
This means that when you ordered several items but extended rental periods of only a few out of them, you need to purchase extra envelope(s) for returning.
In that case, please purchase Letter Pack Light from Japan Post Office or Lawson convenience store to return the items.
How to Return the Rental Items.