Returning Your Rental Items

Put the items in the postage-paid return envelope, and drop it into a mailbox by the midnight on the return date

You can return your items using this return package via any mailbox or post office anywhere in Japan! The return package comes with a tracking number for your reference. Return postage is NOT required as we provide you with a postage-paid return envelope. Mailboxes in Japan are red and are located anywhere in cities, airports and some convenience stores. Lawson convenience stores also accept our return envelopes.

At the airport, there are no mailboxes after the security check.
Please make sure you mail the items before proceeding to the security check.

If you lose the return envelope

Letter Pack Lite

Please prepare an envelope, pay the postage and send all the rental items directly to our office address shown on the bottom of this page. Note that we will not reimburse you for the return postage.
Please go to any Japan Post Office or Lawson convenience store and get a (Letter Pack Lite), which costs 370 yen.

When you are not able to return the rental items by the return date

Please consider extending the rental period, as extending rental is cheaper than paying late charges.

If you forgot to mail the return package while still in Japan

Please prepare a new envelope, and don't use the envelope we provide as it cannot be used for international shipping.
Pay the postage and send all the items directly to our office address below. We recommend you use a service that provides a tracking number such as EMS. We count the days needed for shipping as part of the "rental period." Please extend your rental period to cover the period for shipping.
If you use standard mail, it could take 2-3 weeks. Please check with your local post office and extend the rental period accordingly.
To extend the rental period, please log in to My Page

Our Office Address

LightPocket Customer Support
3-6-8-7F Ningyocho Nihonbashi Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Postal Code:103-0013

rental period
Rental Start Date
By the night before the start date, the item will be delivered to designated location.

Rental End Date
Your rental ends at midnight on your return date. Before that time, please make sure you drop off the return envelope with all items, into a postbox.

How do we know when the return envelope was posted?
We are able to confirm that from the postmark on the return envelope, as well as from the data usage history of each item. You do not have to worry about how long it will take to get to us as long as you mail it on time. We will send an e-mail to you telling your return is completed correctly, which will take about three (3) business days in average.

If you are going to be late, we recommend to extend the rental period as it might be lower the total cost.
ItemLate Charges(day)Replacement Charges
SIM CARD(Rental)¥650¥6500
Pocket Wi-Fi(Rental)¥720¥24,000 (¥12,000 with Insurance)
Late charges
Late charges will be billed on the your credit card if the rental item is not posted by the midnight on the return date.
Consider extending your rental period if you are going to be late as it will be cheaper than paying the late charges.
To extend it, select "Extend" icon at "Extend" section in My Page.

If you miss returning the rental item 5 days after the return date without any notice, we consider it lost. We will charge you for it as replacement cost. This will be applied for breaking or losing the item as well. It will be billed on your credit card once they are applied.