To Offer Most Reliable and Reasonable

Pocket WiFi & SIM Card Rental Service
For Your Best Japan Travel Experience

LightPocket is a Tokyo-based company established to solve one big issue for visitors to Japan: Unstable internet connection.

When people come to Japan, a large majority of them finds that they cannot easily get connected with the internet.
Although public WiFi spots are increasing, they are insufficient at all from perspectives of security, stability, available connection time, and communication speed. They are very inconvenient even for Japanese.

Don't let yourself be captured in such a cage, and let you be free from any stress.
To stay easily and reasonably connected when you get around Japan, how about renting a pocket WiFi router or a data SIM card?
LightPocket provides you high speed and stable data communication with proven reliability.

If you are considering renting a pocket WiFi or buying a SIM card at stores after arriving at airports, unfortunately, you can not always rent/buy it because their stock may run out especially during a peak season (March, April, November, December).
When you arrive in Japan, you may find yourself in a long line to get pocket WiFi or a SIM card for a long time.

Don't let yourself be victimized in such a penance, and let you stay focused on your invaluable Japan travel experience.
With LightPocket service, all you have to do is just pre-ordering a pocket WiFi or a SIM card online.
You can pick it up at any places with deliverable address, including post office in airport, hotel, and residence/Airbnb.
Also, you can return it from anywhere in Japan. Furthermore, our price range is more reasonable than renting at physical stores in airports.

If you are concern about the Japanese address which you specified as a pickup point for the first time, don't worry, LightPocket check it all and revise it if needed. If you missed to pick up a pocket WiFi or a SIM card in airport, don't worry, LightPocket transfer it to a new address.

If you found that your device does not compatible with our products or the communication situation is bad, don't worry, LightPocket will issue you a refund. Furthermore, you easily can set an extension of the rental period, and return of our products is free of charge.

Stay connected all around Japan. If you visit to Japan with your family or friends, or stay long in Japan, renting a portable WiFi router will be the best choice. One pocket WiFi enables several devices getting connected with the internet at the same time.

All our Pocket WiFi routers have good coverage throughout Japan covering more than 95% of the population, so the coverage should not be a problem wherever in Japan you go.

A data SIM card is useful when you use a mobile phone or a tablet. While some prepaid SIM cards will not be available if they over the data capacity, rental SIM cards stay connected during your rental period as they have not any limitation on the data capacity. You will be satisfied with the high-speed internet communication through the SIM card we offer. And even if you over the day's limit of the data capacity, don't worry, you still have internet access at 256Kbps speed, which enables you to use some essential apps such as Google Map.

Furthermore, if you are limited to use the internet at low speed, the data limitation will be lifted the following day, which other rental providers tend to set it for several days. We manage the data communication of our service on a daily basis to keep the high-quality.
Along with our SIM card, we send you a SIM card holder and a pin to insert the SIM card to your device.

Why we select renting a SIM card for our business, not selling a prepaid one?
Because we never want to make customers to be disappointed at all.

Prepaid SIM card seemingly looks convenient as there is no need to return it. However, there are a lot of cases regarding to prepaid SIM card that they found that it does not work after they bought it.

Major reasons causing such troubles are:
Your device does not compatible with any frequency bands in Japan.
Your device locked.
Your device unlocked, but region locked.
Wrong SIM card size.
Bad communication situation at places you stay.

It is very hard to make sure each of them is okay or not before you actually arrive in Japan.
Once you bought a prepaid SIM card, you can not get any refund even if the card did not work.
You will end up really disappointed. And the cases are continuing to happen a lot.

Therefore, LightPocket does not select selling a prepaid SIM card, and renting a SIM card instead of it.
We accordingly can support you if you come across such troubles, and issues a refund if needed.

No Waiting Time/Easy Return: Pocket WiFi

You start a process of renting of a pocket WiFi after you arrive at airport.
Don't do that. It could be take some time, and it might be ended in vain due to out of stock especially during the peak season.
If you pre-order online through LightPocket beforehand, you can pick it up anywhere you wanted such as airport, hotel, and residence. Also, you can return it from anywhere in Japan just by dropping it to post boxes located all over Japan. No additional fee, of course.

Unlimited Data Pocket WiFi/SIM Card

During your rental period, there is no limitation for the data capacity overall.
But please note that you will be limited when you over a limit for a certain period of days, which details vary depending on your plan.
However, you are still connected at 256Kbps speed, which enables you to use some essential apps such as Google Map.
The data limitation will be lifted after 0:00 on the following day.

Communication Network: Great Stability and Large Coverage

LightPocket provides pocket WiFi routers and data SIM cards, using the networks offered by NTT DoCoMo and SoftBank. Each network is highly-acclaimed for its great stability and large coverage.

About SIM Card in Japan

In Japan, a SIM card with voice call functionality is strictly regulated to prevent crime by using unidentified phone numbers.
And it is very difficult to obtain such SIM card by international travelers or people stay in Japan for a short period of time.
Even if you are able to buy it, it will be very pricey. Although there might some exceptions, they are not recommended.

Therefore, a data SIM card without voice call functionality will be the only SIM card type for visitors to Japan, except for the people living in Japan. Of course, even with this type, you can still have voice communication through VoIP apps such as IP phone, FaceTime, and Skype. And they are not regulated.