Unlimited Pocket WiFi Service Coming Soon!

Benefits of Our Service

Unlimited Fast Data

Go online as much as you want without worrying about extra fees.

Easy Setup

Just turn on the pocket WiFi, select SSID, and insert password. It's done!

Extending Period Available

You can extend your rental period easily anytime until the return date.

Works with Any Devices

Our Mobile WiFi works with ANY smartphone, tablet, and other WiFi enabled device.

Money Back Guarantee

We will give a refund with the cases below with your return of the item within 2 days: wi-fi device didn't work well in your location . Failed to receive the item due to flight delay or other reasons. *This refund excludes shipping and handling fees.

Easy Pick Up and Return

We will deliver the Pocket Wifi to where you'll be staying or you can pick it up at post offices at airports. To return it, just put it in a return envelope we provide and drop it into a post box anywhere in Japan.

Pickup At Wherever You Want

How to recieve

At airports, hotels, post offices, and even at residences. We will deliver the rental item to almost wherever you'll be at, and you can pick it up.

Find more at: How to Receive the Rental Items

Easy Return

How to recieve

Put the items in the prepaid return envelope we provide, and drop it into the mailbox anywhere in Japan by the midnight of the return date.

Find more at: How to Return the Rental Items

540 JPY