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Welcome Back Campaign

About 200,000 people with Residence Status have been unable to enter Japan due to COVID-19, but now our friends can join us once again. A PCR test and a 14-day waiting period are obligatory now, but the situation is getting better.
As many LightPocket customers also have Residence Status, we are holding a "Welcome back campaign.”

Welcome Back Campaign Content

  1. Our campaign is for everyone who uses LightPocket.
  2. Customers who commence a new rental Cloud WiFi unit to Jun 30, 2021, for periods of 5 to 60 days, will receive up to 35% OFF!
  3. For current customers who have already rented a Cloud WiFi unit will receive a 30-day extension for just 5960 Yen. Please log in from My Page and apply for an extension.

Promotion Period
Customers who commence a new rental : To July 30, 2021
*Due to expected popularity, once the inventory is exhausted, the program will end without notice.
For current customers who have already rented a Cloud WiFi unit : To Dec 31,2021

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Cloud Wi-Fi


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COVID-19 will be defeated in the end. If we all have a little patience, we can all enjoy traveling around the world once again. In the meantime, be careful of social distancing, washing hands, using sanitizer, and gargling. We wish you all good health!

From all LightPocket Employees

Pocket Wifi Japan

With our pocket WiFi, you can stay connected anywhere in Japan.

Download150Mbps (Best Effort)
Device connection10
Battery Life9 Hours (Internet use), 340 hours (Standby time)

Poplar plans

Purchasing WiFi service is nearly impossible without an over two year VISA due to minimum contract length.
OurLong Term pocket Wifi Router Rental is Simple, Easy & reasonable.
More than 60 days of use Long Term Pocket Wifi Router Plans *If your rental period will be more than 60 days, long-term fee will be automatically applied.

You can extend your rental period easily anytime until the return date.

Extend Plans for Pocket Wi-Fi

High Capacity Network with Stability and High Speed Data Communication

A pocket WiFi in the SoftBank network provides you high speed and stable data communication with a large capacity. If you need high speed and a large capacity on data communication, this is highly recommended. The prices can be much more reasonable by sharing it with your partner, family, or friends. With data capacity of 3GB per day, you will be practically free from any stress on data communication. With LightPocket plans, data communication is basically unlimited. Only if you use a heavy data comsumption for several days in a row, SoftBank might limit its speed to maintain data quality as a whole.

The Japan's Most Widest Coverage Network Available at Reasonable Price

2GB in 14 days. This is said to be the most common use case for pocket WiFi routers used by visitors to Japan or people staying in Japan for a short period.
Based on that, LightPocket succeeded to make plans at reasonable prices by contracting the optimized data capacity with telecommunications companies.
Docomo network is the most stable and has the widest coverage among the others in Japan.

Furthermore, LightPocket applies a small pocket WiFi router with long-lasting battery life, and it will make you satisfied when you bring it to anywhere.
Searching with Google Maps, using social networking services, browsing, viewing videos & gaming a little . . . whatever you do, you will be stably connected with our portable WiFi routers.

Estimates on Data Consumption

About Download Speed Limitation on Pocket WiFi Plans with Docomo

350MB/day: After finishining your high speed data, you can still have internet access at low speed of 256kbps.
500MB/day: After finishining your high speed data, you can still have internet access at low speed of 256kbps.

The data limitation will be lifted after 0:00 on the following day.

During your rental period, there is no limitation for the data capacity overall.
But please note that you will be limited when you over a limit for a certain period of days, which details vary depending on your plan.
However, you are still connected at 256Kbps speed, which enables you to use some essential apps such as Google Map.
And 256kbps is relatively faster than other providers' Docomo plans (128-200kbps).

The signal may be weak or out of service in weak signal area (in the car, underground, in the tunnel, narrow rows of buildings, mountain-ringed region, etc) even within the service coverage area.



Product Ordered:
Cloud Wifi 200GB/Month


I was able to enjoy internet due to LightPocket! Thanks for excellent service. I will definitely use this again when I need pocket wifi.

Product Ordered:
ポケットWiFi SoftBank


Highly recommend. Their unlimited WIFI is virtually unlimited as promised. I've used over 1TB without being throttled lol Great prices. Keep them as it is with the special right now. If it was regular price, it would be less attractive to go with Lightpocket.

Product Ordered:
SoftBank Pocket WiFi Unlimited 60 Days Rental


Due to corona, I liked the price discount. 60 days for approx 12,000 yen. taxed in. Lightpocket's regular pricing is kind of expensive to be honest, if they kept their pricing as the specials now, it would be pretty affordable given the unlimited data cap. I've experienced no data cap essentially, passing 100GB with the occasional network glitch which requires a reboot of the pocket wifi and all is good. Speeds are at best 5MB/s down. I was hoping for more, but that's just a network and device limitation I hope.

Product Ordered:
SoftBank Pocket WiFi Unlimited 60 Days Rental


Got the pocket wifi unlimited SoftBank for around 30 days, the service worked perfectly without a problem, delivery was really quick, and the support was amazing, I made a pretty big mistake with my order so I contacted the support team and not only they replied within minutes, but also they gave me the best solution possible. Can't recommend LightPocket enough 10/10

Product Ordered:
SoftBank Pocket WiFi Unlimited 103 Days Rental

Hong Kong

Rented the 4G portable wifi. Easy to start and return, no need to travel to shop, can get the machine in the mail. Speed and stability is quite good for 4G as well. Price is fair. Easy to use backend to manage and extend rental. The only complain is the machine can only connect to 7 devices at the same time. Not sure if that's usual for a limitation with these machines. But for usual travel needs I guess 7 is quite enough. I used it at home which were not quite enough but could manage to survive ... sometimes have to switch off some device to allow others. Overall quite good, would choose it again.

Product Ordered:
SoftBank Pocket WiFi Unlimited 18 Days Rental


Service was great and pricing was on the steep side but overall it’s good

Product Ordered:
SoftBank Pocket WiFi Unlimited 44 Days Rental


It was very easy to use the website to reserve the wifi rental, and It worked great while I was using it. Overall, I was very satisfied.

Product Ordered:
SoftBank Pocket WiFi Unlimited 17 Days Rental

United Kingdom

This was the most useful item of my whole holiday! I was unsure if this would work, if I would be able to link it to my phone, if I would have enough data or even if it would be delivered to my hotel in time. It was perfect and so easy! I cannot recommend it highly enough. I mainly used it for Google maps. Made my holiday travel so smooth.

Product Ordered:
Pocket WiFi Docomo (350MB/day) 11 Days Rental


Once I had the device in had it was great, but I was flying in to Itami Airport after usual business hours and as such could not pick the device up at the airport. I had to have it shipped to a Post Office near my AirBnB unit the next morning. This made getting from the airport to my AirBnB very difficult, especially after 26 hours of travel and no sleep. Also, I had spoken to a representative to get the shipping address switched from the airport to a Post Office after I became aware of the problem, and received notice that it had been shipped to the airport after all. The representative fixed the problem and had it reshipped as soon as I reached back out, but had I not noticed that email I would've been sunk.

Product Ordered:
SoftBank Pocket WiFi Unlimited 16 Days Rental

Rent a Pocket WiFi

Rent a Pocket WiFi

Free WiFi spots in Japan have several weak points such as limitation of place/time, hassle of personal authentication, and low security level. One of the most frequent needs from foreigners who stayed in Japan is improvement of the WiFi environment.
Renting a Pocket Wifi in Japan is the best solution for Internet Access with your smartphone, tablet and laptop. Also, you don't need pay a lot of roaming fee. It is fast and stable than Prepaid SIM cards. We recommend to rent a mobile wifi for your staying in Japan.

What is Pocket WiFi?

What is Pocket WiFi?

the Pocket Wifi is a small portable wifi router that acts as a mobile WiFi hotspot and establishes high-speed broadband connectivity that can be shared by up to 10 users at a time. Using a Pocket WiFi works just as your home Internet does. Devices have an SSID and password/key that are necessary for accessing the connection. It is easier to set up than prepaid SIM cards, especially useful if you are traveling in a group or have multiple devices, it’s easy to be always connected, you can easily communicate with family and friends, upload to social media and research things on the go

How to use a Pocket Wifi?

How to use a Pocket Wifi?

It is very simple. Once you've got a pocket wifi you just switch it on, connect to it from your devices and that's it, you have the internet at your disposal. Our Pocket WiFi battery lasts around 8-9 hours for continuous usage.

Pocket Wifi Rental FAQ

How good is the coverage?

Our pocket wifi (4G / LTE models) have very good reception across Japan, covering 99% of the population with 4G and more than 95% with LTE network. they also work in the underground e.g. subway stations in the Metro Tokyo.

Does Pocket WiFi work with my smartphone?

Yes, it works with ANY WiFi-enabled devices

How many devices can connect to a Pocket WiFi?

You can connect up to 10 devices simultaneously so it can be shared between couples, friends and families.

Is it easy to set-up a WiFi device?

Turn on the pocket wifi and , select the corresponding network name (SSID). Enter the password. that's it.It's same as connecting to any WiFi network.

Can I return my mobie WiFi device at an airport different from the one where I picked it up?

No problem. You can return anywhere in Japan.

How to recieve

Pickup At Wherever You Want

At airports, hotels, post offices, and even at residences. We will deliver the rental item to almost wherever you'll be at, and you can pick it up.

Find more at: How to Receive the Rental Items

How to recieve

Easy Return

Put the items in the prepaid return envelope we provide, and drop it into the mailbox anywhere in Japan by the midnight of the return date.

Find more at: How to Return the Rental Items

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