No. The package price(s) + the flat rate shipping charge will be the total amount per order.
You may need to check your email Spam folder. If you still don't find a confirmation email, please contact us.


At this point, we only accept credit card payments.
No. If you want to do so, please place an another order.
Yes. In that case, we will include several return envelopes for items with different return date.
At this point, we only accept credit card payments.
Please complete your order at least five (5) days before the date you wish to start your rental.


No, we do not offer international delivery.
No. You don't have to. The package will be delivered to your mailbox.
By the night before the start date, the item will be delivered to the place you designated. Delivery date and time requests are not available.
Yes. You can track your parcel once it is sent out. The tracking number of your order will be sent by email.
It varies depending on the final tracking status, which is shown on the tracking information. You can check it with the tracking number sent in delivery email once the package is sent out. If the status is "Final delivery," it means the delivery has been completed. For residential delivery, please check the mailbox. For hotel delivery, check at the front desk of the hotel to check again in their deliveries. If the status is "Retention," the post office was unable to leave the package in your mailbox for some reason. Please look for in the mail box a delivery notice. The English contact number will be written on the notice; please arrange for re-delivery by yourself. If the tracking information shows "Return to sender," it has been sent back to us due to an invalid address or other reasons. Please contact us.
We accept changes without any charge until five (5) days before the start date. Please contact us by email immediately. For changes requested inside of five (5) days, we can redirect your package for a fee. The transfer fee is 1000 yen. Please complete the payment from here..

SIM card Rentals

No. The SIM card we offered are for data only. If you want to make voice calls, please use Line, Skype, Messenger, etc
No. At this point, we don't offer that option. Please consider using other data-based messaging services such as Facebook or LINE instead.
We offer you unlimited data usage. However, once 350MB/500MB per reached in a calendar day, the speed will be throttled, which will back revert to regular speed at midnight.
Although our service allows for tethering, it entirely depends on your device. Please check your device's functionality.
You need to set the APN. Please check the APN settings page
You will be connected to the internet at pretty much all the places you go, if your device is compatible with all of the following bands: Band 1, Band 19, and band 21. Yet, you might not able to be connected in the mountains and suburbs if there is no signal. However, lack of connectivity is the same for all devices used in Japan, not just our rentals.
Please DO NOT CUT the SIM. If you cut it, you will be responsible for paying replacement charges. If the size of the SIM is wrong for your device, or if you need to change the card size in the middle of the usage period, please contact us and we will send a replacement.
Our SIM cards are compatible with all of 3G enabled devices, allowing most unlocked devices be connected. Yet, there will be a few cases in which your device is not compatible. If you are unsure, please check your device's compatibility with the manufacturer. Even if your device is not compatible with the SIM after receiving it, we will give you a refund. Contact us immediately in that case.
Yes. As long as we have the correct size SIM in stock, we can exchange it for you. Please contact us immediately.

Pocket WiFi Rentals

No, please DO NOT do it. When it returned, you will be responsible for paying replacement charges as we will consider the item as damaged.
You may connect up to 10 devices to the WiFi router.


At the post office counter, please show your passport and the tracking number of the package, which will be sent by email once the package has been shipped. You can confirm the tracking number at MyPage
No, they can't. The post office does not release packages to anyone other than to the person who's ID is on the name on the package.
No. If the name on the package and your passport name do not match, you can not receive your package from the post office or hotel.
Please contact us immediately. After the package is sent out, we will forward your package to a new address for a fee of 1080 yen. Please complete the payment and request for package transfer here.
Please contact us immediately. We will forward your package to a new address with a fee of 1080 yen. Please complete the payment and request for package transfer from here.


Yes, you can put it in a mailbox at the airport. Please refer to the airport postbox locations page. At the airport, there are no mailboxes after the security check. Please make sure you post the items before proceeding to the security check.
Any mailbox in Japan located anywhere in cities, airports or at selected convenience stores. Please put the item(s) in the return envelope, and drop it the mailbox. You can also send it at any post office.
No, you cannot. There is no problem with returning it early, however, we will not give a refund for that.
Please prepare an envelope, pay the postage and send all the rental items directly to our office address . Note that we will not reimburse you for the return postage. You are also able to use a prepaid envelope available at the post office (Letter Pack Lite), which costs 360 yen. Please read here
Yes. Please prepare a new envelope, not using the envelope we provide as it cannot be used for international shipping. Pay the postage and send all the items directly to our office address below. We recommend you use a service that provides a tracking number such as EMS as we cannot be responsible if the package gets lost. We count the days that take for shipping as part of the "rental period," and please consider extending your rental period to cover the days that will take for shipping, which is cheaper than paying late charges. If you use standard mail, it could take 2-3 weeks. Please check with your local post office and extend the period accordingly.
Yes. If you are not likely to post the package on the return date, please consider extending your rental period beforehand. Extending your rental is cheaper than paying late charges. If the item is not returned after 5 days from the return date without any notice, the replacement costs will be charged to your credit card. Please read for more information here.
We are able to confirm from the postmark on the return envelope as well as the data usage history of each item. You do not have to worry about how long it will take to get to us as long as you post it back on time. We will send an e-mail to you informing your return has been completed correctly, which will take 3 business days on average.


No, you can't. Our prices are not based on the actual amount of data but on the period booked by you.
Yes. We give some refunds for both depending on the circumstances.
Please note that the items must be posted to return within 2 days from the rental start date. Please enclose the Refund Request Slip included in the package to get a refund.
We will check the postmark on the return envelope and will not issue any refund unless it was posted by the above-mentioned date.
Visit Refund/Cancel to see the refund amount and more.
Yes. For orders cancelled five (5) days or more prior to the start date, we will issue a full refund. For cancellations made within five (5) days, we will issue a partial refund. Please contact us by email immediately if you need to cancel your order. Read more about Refund/Cancel to see the refund amount and more.

Extending The Rental Period

Of course, you can.
After you extend your rental, we will send you a notification indicating the updated return date. You can confirm your rental period on the My Page link. Please note that if you purchase the extension plan at night or on the weekend, you will receive the notification email on the next working day.
Please log in to My Page and purchase an extension plan by the return date.


No, you cannot. If you cut the SIM card, it is considered damaged, and you will be responsible for paying replacement charges.
Please contact us immediately. We have had experience with other customers who lost their phones, but were returned to them after a while. The police will contact us if a phone with our SIM card is reported to them as a lost item.
If you are going to be late, we recommend to extend the rental period as it might be lower the total cost.
ItemLate Charges(day)Replacement Charges
SIM Card¥650¥6,500
WIFI ¥720¥24,000 (¥12,000 with Insurance)
Late charges
Late charges will be billed on the your credit card if the rental item is not posted by the midnight on the return date.
Consider extending your rental period if you are going to be late as it will be cheaper than paying the late charges.
To extend it, select "Extend" icon at "Extend" section in My Page.

If you miss returning the rental item 5 days after the return date without any notice, we consider it lost. We will charge you for it as replacement cost. This will be applied for breaking or losing the item as well. It will be billed on your credit card once they are applied.


We will issue a full refund for orders cancelled five (5) or more days prior to the start date.
The time of cancellation is established upon arrival of your email to us. For cancellations made later than that, a fee will be charged as shown below.
The balance will be paid back to your credit card.
To cancel your order, please contact us by email immediately by clicking on the Refund/Cancel link.