These Terms and Use form the agreement between the customers (you) and LightPocket (us) that applies to all the services provided by us to you. Please read carefully before you order. We reserve the right to amend these Terms and Use at any time.

You can place an order from the official website of LightPocket by specifying the type of item, the start date of rental, the period of rental, your name, and the valid delivery address, and other required information, and by completing the payment.
In the event you wish to change any of the details of the order, you shall contact us in advance to obtain our consent.

You will provide us a valid address of the place in Japan (hotels, residences, or post offices) you wish to receive your package on the start date. We will not be responsible for any delivery delay caused by the incorrect or incomplete address provided by you. Also, we will not be responsible for any cases that you fail to receive/collect the package although it has been delivered to the address in time.
We will make every effort to ensure the package is delivered by the night before the start date. However, we cannot be responsible for the delay due to circumstances beyond the reasonable control. Upon receipt of the package, you are responsible for inspecting the items are in functional condition.

You are responsible for posting the rented items by the midnight on the designated return date of your rental.
The rented items need to be returned in a good working condition. SIM cards should not be cut and when it is cut it is considered damaged.
We will provide you a return envelope. In case you have lost it, you are responsible for preparing an envelope and paying the postage.

If the SIM card we provide was not compatible with your device, or if the wi-fi device we provide did not work well in your location, you can apply for some refund by posting it back within 2 days from the start date (first and the second day of the rental period). The charges are as stated in Refund in our FAQ page . We will not issue any refund if it is not posted within 2 days.

You can cancel the order and receive a full refund by informing us 5 days or more prior to the start date of the rental.
There will be some charges as stated in Cancel in our FAQ page for orders canceled later than 5 days before the start date of the rental.

You can extend the rental period from your "My Page." You are responsible for completing the payment for the extension charges by the last day of your rental you wish to extend.

You agree to compensate the amount stated below in case you were unable to post the rented items on the return date, or not returning, or damaging (including cutting the SIM card), or losing the rented items.
You agree that when the rented item(s) is not returned within 5 days from the return date, Replacement Charges will be charged on your credit card.

If you are going to be late, we recommend to extend the rental period as it might be lower the total cost.
ItemLate Charges(day)Replacement Charges
SIM Card(350MB/Day)¥550¥6,000
SIM Card(500MB/Day)¥650¥6,500
WIFI docomo (30GB/Month)¥600¥24,000 (¥12,000 with Insurance)
WIFI docomo (500MB/Day)¥680¥24,000 (¥12,000 with Insurance)
Wi-Fi¥720¥24,000 (¥12,000 with Insurance)
Cloud WiFi¥720¥24,000 (¥12,000 with Insurance)
Cloud WiFi¥720¥24,000 (¥12,000 with Insurance)
WIFI SoftBank¥720¥24,000 (¥12,000 with Insurance)
Cloud WiFi¥720¥24,000 (¥12,000 with Insurance)
Cloud WiFi¥720¥24,000 (¥12,000 with Insurance)
Late charges
Late charges will be billed on the your credit card if the rental item is not posted by the midnight on the return date.
Consider extending your rental period if you are going to be late as it will be cheaper than paying the late charges.
To extend it, select "Extend" icon at "Extend" section in My Page.

If you miss returning the rental item 5 days after the return date without any notice, we consider it lost. We will charge you for it as replacement cost. This will be applied for breaking or losing the item as well. It will be billed on your credit card once they are applied.

We retain all ownership of the rented items.

These Terms and Use is governed by Japanese law.