Benefits of Our Service

Unlimited Data SIM

Go online as much as you want without worrying about extra data fees.

Easy Setup

No activation needed. Just change the APN settings on your device.

Rental Extention Available

You can easily extend your rental period easily anytime right up until the return date.

Stable and Fast Network

The maximum speed is 262.5Mbps . Uses NTT Docomo, Japan's most reliable. We assure the SIM card's integrity by checking it daily.

Money-Back Guarantee

We will offer a full refund if the following occurs within 2 days after acceptance: : (1) The device frequency does not match; (2) You failed to receive the item due to flight delay or other reasons. (*shipping and handling fees.)

Easy Pick Up and Return

We will deliver the SIM card to to your accommodations, or you can pick it up at most post offices, or at major airports. To return it the SIM card, just put it in the postage-paid return envelope we provide, and drop it into any mailbox anywhere in Japan.

Nano SIM 12.3mm x 8.8mm

You can extend your rental period easily anytime until the return date.

SIM Card Extension Plans

The Japan's Most Widest Coverage Network Available at a Reasonable Price.

Estimates on Data Consumption

350MB/day: After finishining your high speed data, you can still have internet access at low speed of 256kbps.
500MB/day: After finishining your high speed data, you can still have internet access at low speed of 256kbps.

The data limitation will be lifted after 0:00 on the following day.

During your rental period, there is no limitation for the data capacity overall.
But please note that you will be limited when your data use is over a limit for a certain period of days, which details vary depending on your plan.
However, you are still connected at 256Kbps speed, which enables you to use some essential apps such as Google Map.
And 256kbps is relatively faster than other providers' Docomo plans (128-200kbps).

SIM Adapter, Holder, Reject Pin Included

SIM card adapter
SIM card holder Reject pin
data sim unlimited data nano regular
  • No Activation Required.
  • 1. Insert Your SIM into Your Device.
  • 2. Set the APN on your device.
  • That's all!
For more information, please visit APN Setting.
If Your Mobile Phone Was Not Compatible with LightPocket's Data SIM Card
Don't worry. We will give you a full refund. *This refund excludes shipping and handling fees.
Can I use tethering?
Although our service allows tethering, it entirely depends on your device whether it works or not. Please check your device's functionality.
Can I make a phone call?
Our SIM is data communication only, meaning you cannot neither make a phone call nor use SMS and MMS.
Do I need to return the SIM card?
Yes, our SIM card is a rental item, and it needs to be returned. Please put the SIM card and the SIM holder in the prepaid return envelope we provide, and drop it into the mailbox anywhere in Japan by the midnight of the return date. No return fee.
What do I need to do after I inserted the SIM card?
You'll need to set the APN to your device. please see APN setting.
What devices are compatible?
Your device has to be UNLOCKED (SIM-free).
The device must support one of the following frequency
4G: Band 1 (2100MHz) / Band 19 (800MHz) / Band 21 (1500MHz) / Band 3 (1800MHz, Only some areas)
3G: Band 1 (2100MHz) / Band 19 (800MHz)

Not sure what network technology your device supports?
Check your smartphone's compatibility at Will My Phone Work
Country: Japan, Carriers:NTT docomo

Yup enjoy the internet speed service. Plug and play the data sim on my phone without issue.

Product Ordered :
SIM card (500MB/Day) 13 Days Rental


Stable and fast connection I only had to play a little bit with APN options to make it work with a LG V35 ThinQ phone (Authentication Type had to be set to: PAP or CHAP)

Product Ordered :
SIM card (350MB/Day) 10 Days Rental

Slovak Republic

All in all I was very happy with the service. I had no problems with delivery and the simcard worked perfectly. The only drawback I experienced was that the instructions were not extremely clear on how to adjust my phone (iphone) to have the mobile network details (APN details) setup. It did not say I should download the profile details while connected to Internet from another network (possibly a Wifi). I strictly followed the instructions, so I replaced my simcard but I could not download the profile (as my mobile network was not setup properly at that moment). It took me quite a long time and many attempts until I realized that I perhaps try downloading the profile over wifi. I almost returned the simcard for that. I strongly suggest you make this detail clear in your otherwise quite clear instructions.

Product Ordered :
Nano SIM card (500MB/Day) 21 Days Rental

Russian Federation

Quality of connection was very good even in far areas, all the instructions about the installation and return operation were provided,. The icky negative point is that sim card eject pin wasn't solid enough, so it was immediately broken after attempt to use it.

Product Ordered :
Nano SIM card (500MB/Day) 17 Days Rental


A bit tough to install profile on some iPhones and bandwidth can be slow. But it works and I’m satisfied overall. Note that you need to delete the lightpocket profile under settings/general/profile before you can reuse your original SIM.

Product Ordered :
Nano SIM card (350MB/Day) 15 Days Rental
Nano SIM card (350MB/Day) 15 Days Rental
Nano SIM card (350MB/Day) 15 Days Rental
Nano SIM card (350MB/Day) 15 Days Rental

Russian Federation

Works as advertised, good coverage, good service

Product Ordered :
Nano SIM card (500MB/Day) 35 Days Rental

How to recieve

Pickup At Wherever You Want

At airports, hotels, post offices, and even at residences. We will deliver the rental item to almost wherever you'll be at, and you can pick it up.

Find more at: How to Receive the Rental Items

How to recieve

Easy Return

Put the items in the prepaid return envelope we provide, and drop it into the mailbox anywhere in Japan by the midnight of the return date.

Find more at: How to Return the Rental Items

¥ 600(ex.)