You must change the APN Settings on your device by yourself to make the SIM card work

User namesim@lightpocket
Authentication typeCHAP(Recommended) or PAP
iOS Profile Downoad

Android iOS

1(Settings > Wireless > networks "More")

2Cellular networks

3Access Point Names

4 Tap on "+ " to create new APN

5 Enter the information we provide and save.

6Select the APN and done.

Android iOS

Connect to WiFi and download the APN profile to your iPhone or iPad.
Please use Safari to install the profile. Other browsers may hinder the installation process.

Downalod APN for iOS
1Tap on "Install"

2 You will see a warning page,
but proceed anyway
3 Tap on "Install" again

4Tap on "Done"

Important Note

Please delete the APN profile after use.
Settings > General > Profile > Delete Profile
1Tap "Settings" and select "Cellular"

2Cellular Data: On,Enable 4G(LTE)/3G: On, Data Roaming: Off, Select "Cellular Data Network"after confirming the above settings
3Enter the following settings:APN, Username and Password