How to receive our Pocket Wifi / Data SIM Card at 9h ninehours Narita

To receive packages from LightPocket such as a data SIM card and a Pocket WiFi router.
When you check into the hotel, please collect your package at the front desk of 9h ninehours Narita. We will send the package to be arrived before the rental start date.

Important Note
The recipient's name MUST be exactly the same as the booking name at the hotel.
Otherwise the hotel will not accept the package.


Tel : 0476-33-5109

9h ninehours Narita Address
Postalcode : 282-0004
Narita International Airport Terminal 2, 1-1 Furugome, Narita-City,,Chiba

ナインアワーズ成田空港 住所
成田市古込字古込1番地1 成田空港第2旅客ターミナル隣接 立体駐車場第2ビル

How About Renting A Pocket WiFi or Data SIM Card?
You Can Receive Pocket WiFi or Data SIM Card by LightPocket at 9h ninehours Narita.

Free WiFi spots in Japan have several weak points such as limitation of place/time, hassle of personal authentication, and low security level.
Although WiFi environment in hotels and facilities is being improved, you hardly can use it when you go outside.
One of the most frequent needs from foreigners who stayed in Japan is improvement of the WiFi environment.

If you have a pocket WiFi or a data SIM card, you can use the internet anywhere in Japan smoothly and easily.
The address data of 9h ninehours Narita is registered in LightPocket.
If you miss entering the address during your order, we can correct that and deliver a pocket Wifi or a data SIM card to 9h ninehours Narita.


If you consider sending your luggage/packages to somewhere you will stay for such as: using a pocket WiFi router or a prepaid SIM card, ordering some products through online stores such as Amazon, Rakuten, and ZozoTown, or taking a long stay in Japan, In that case too, you can receive your package at 9h ninehours Narita
The recipient's name MUST be exactly the same as the booking name at the hotel.
Otherwise the hotel will not accept the package.
It would be better to tell the hotel about your package in advance.

Unlimited Japan Pocket Wifi

Unlimited Japan Pocket Wifi

Stay connected all around Japan. If you visit to Japan with your family or friends, or stay long in Japan, renting a portable WiFi router will be the best choice. One pocket WiFi enables several devices getting connected with the internet at the same time.

Unlimited Japan Data SIM

Unlimited Data Japan SIM

A data SIM card is useful when you use a mobile phone or a tablet. While some prepaid SIM cards will not be available if they over the data capacity, rental SIM cards stay connected during your rental period as they have not any limitation on the data capacity.