When you check into the hotel, please collect your package at the front desk.
We will send the package to be arrived before the rental start date.

The recipient's name MUST be exactly the same as the booking name at the hotel

Otherwise the hotel will not accept the package.


Can you change the delivery address if I changed the hotel?
Yes. You can change it if the package is NOT shipped yet. Please contact us by email with a new address.
If it is already shipped, you need to pay Transfer Fee to transfer it. Please contact us by email immediately.Transfer Fee

Until five (5) days before the start date, we will accept your request to change the delivery address free of charge. Within the five (5) day window, we will change the delivery location for a fee of 1000 yen. Please complete the payment from the link below and enter the order number with the new address in the message box on the order page.
Transfer Fee

rental period
Rental Start Date
By the night before the start date, the item will be delivered to designated location.

Rental End Date
Your rental ends at midnight on your return date. Before that time, please make sure you drop off the return envelope with all items, into a postbox.

How do we know when the return envelope was posted?
We are able to confirm that from the postmark on the return envelope, as well as from the data usage history of each item. You do not have to worry about how long it will take to get to us as long as you mail it on time. We will send an e-mail to you telling your return is completed correctly, which will take about three (3) business days in average.

If you will be returning the item(s) late, we recommend to extend the rental period as it might be lower the total costs.
ItemLate Charges(day)Replacement Charges
SIM Card(350MB/Day)¥550¥6,000
SIM Card(500MB/Day)¥650¥6,500
WIFI docomo (200MB/Day)¥550¥20,000
WIFI docomo (350MB/Day)¥600¥21,000
WIFI docomo (500MB/Day)¥680¥22,000
WIFI SoftBank¥720¥24,000
Late charges
Late charges will be billed to your credit card if the rental item(s) are not mailed by midnight on the return date. Consider extending your rental period if you are going to be late as it will be cheaper than paying late charges. To extend your rental, select "Extend" icon at "Extend" section on My Page.

If you do not return the rental item(s) within 5 days after the specified return date without any notice, we will consider it lost. We will charge you for the replacement cost. This will be applied for breaking or losing the item(s) as well. It will be billed on your credit card once they are applied.