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Long Term / Monthly Pocket WiFi Plan is Simple and Easy. Everything is Done Online

It is very simple to get a contract with LightPocket.
All you need to do is just place an order after determining how long you you will need it. With LightPocket, you can rent a pocket WiFi router with a very wide range of rental periods from short to long. You can use the pocket WiFi router once you receive it. No additional set-up is required.

The Reasons Why It Is Difficult To Get A Contract With Major Carriers

First off, to use the internet, you might think that you should contract with major companies even if it is pricey. However, as a non-resident staying in Japan, there are a lot of difficulties when you try to contract with major mobile carriers.

For example. you need a visa which has at least two years validity because the contract period is more than two years. While short-stay visitors also can make agreements, the period is fixed and you have to pay a penalty if the contract is broken before expiration. Moreover, their contracts have too many options, which can even confuse local residents, and the process will wear on you as it takes a long time and you need to make may decisions before you can get your SIM or pocket WiFi. Although each of the major carriers have many physical stores, most of them suffer from insufficient foreign language support.

Long Term / Monthly WiFi Plan is Recommended For:

International Students
International Students
People studying in Japan.
Corporate Education
Corporate Education
People on training programs in Japan.
Preparing Period
Preparing to Live In Japan
People preparing to live in Japan.


Long Term Rental

Japan Pocket WiFi For Home and Travel

Coverage Area
Data Allotment 100GB/Month
Network Softbank
*When data usage exceeds 100GB in a month, transmission speeds will be limited. Minimum Speed: 256Kbps
Communication speed will slow down till the end of the month once you exceed your limit.

SoftBank Network

High Capacity Network with Stability and High Speed Data Communication

A pocket WiFi on the SoftBank network offers you fast and stable data communication with a large capacity. If you require high speed and ample data, this is a highly recommended choice. You'll practically be stress-free when it comes to data communication. It provides a generous 100GB data capacity per month, making it perfect for long-term use.

How much can you actually do with 100GB?

Video Quality Data Usage per Hour Approximate Hours
YouTube Standard 200MB 500 hours
Zoom Standard 600MB 170 hours

the data usage values provided are approximate and can vary depending on various factors such as video quality settings and compression algorithms.


With this "mobile WiFi router," you can connect up to 10 devices simultaneously to the internet, including smartphones, PCs, tablets, and gaming consoles.

Device name FS030W
Devices Supported Up to 10
Speed (Max Capability) Max. DL 150Mbps (Best Effort) / Max. UL 37.5Mbps (Best Effort)
Coverage Area All over Japan (*It can be used only in Japan.)
Battery 9 Hours (Internet use), 340 hours (Standby time)
Size,Weight 74.0mm x 74.0mm x 17.3mm (HxWxD),128 g
Interface USB 2.0 High Speed (microUSB)

Plan & Pricing

We have a plan for everyone


First Month
From ¥2400
Minimum Contract Period
3 months

Billing date
the 1st of every month
(Automatically charged)


A MONTHLY FEE will be charged until you choose to cancel your plan.
Cancellations made before the end of the contract period will result in a cancellation fee of ¥5960.
A pocket Wi-Fi must be returned.

Pay As You Go

Popular long term rental plans to pay the rental fee in a lump sum at the time of application.

Designate your rental period


This Wi-Fi Rental service is a monthly-based contract.
You will be billed monthly through your chosen Credit Card around the 1st of every calendar month until you choose to cancel.


If you wish to cancel your subscription, please submit your cancellation request from MyPage.
(If you cancel before the 20th of the month, the following month would not be billed.)

If you submit a cancellation request by Aug 20 23:00, your contract will end on Aug 31.
If you send the request on Aug 21, you will be billed on Sep 1 and your contract will end on Sep 30.

Cancellation requests made before Aug 20
The contract will end on Aug 31.

Cancellation requests made after Aug 20.
The contract will end on Sep 30.


Rest easy, knowing if you have problems with the device, we offer partial refunds. Please contact us and post back the items within 2 days from the start date.

We issue a full refund when an order is cancelled 5 days or more prior to the start date. Cancellations made later will receive a partial refund.

See our Refund and Cancellation page for full details. Refund and Cancellation


Late Fees Lost/Replacement Fees
¥880(Per Day) ¥22000(Per Device)

If the item is not returned within 5 days after the end date, Lost/Replacement fees will be charged. Late Fees will not be applied in this case. Both Lost/Replacement Fees and Late Fees, if applicable, will be charged to the credit card used for the purchase.


We have our orders delivered 3 or 4 days ahead of selected pick up date. You select your preferred pick up location during the checkout process. Once your order has been shipped, you will receive a shipping confirmation email with tracking link.

Pick up & Return

Pick up
Pick up at your desired location: airport, hotel, guest house, post office or a private residence. Any address in Japan will do!

We provide a prepaid return envelope with all the necessary information filled in. All you have to do is put all the items in the envelope and drop it in a post box anywhere in Japan.



What kind of payment methods are available?

We accept Credit card online payments for monthly-based automatic charging during your contract.

Can I use a credit card issued in my country/outside of Japan?

Yes, We accept credit and debit cards issued outside of Japan.

When is my monthly billing date?

Your monthly fees will be billed and charged to your credit on the first day of each month.
For example, your August fees will be charged on August 1.


How far in advance do I need to order for pickup?

Please place your order at least 3 days prior to your desired pickup date.

Do I need to return the Wi-Fi device after my subscription ends?

Yes, please return the Wi-Fi device after your subscription ends.
Failure to return the device within 5 days of the end date will result in Lost/Replacement fees being charged. Late Fees will not be applied in this case.
Lost/Replacement Fees, if applicable, will be charged to the credit card used for the purchase.


I want to pick-up my Wi-Fi Router at the airport. How can I get it?

Please pick up the package at the post office during their opening hours. Please refer to your "Confirmation Email" for detailed instructions after placing your order.

What should I do if I am unable to pick up my Wi-Fi at the airport?

We can transfer your package, so please request a transfer if necessary.


How can I cancel my subscription?

If you wish to cancel your order or subscription, please log in to your Mypage and choose the cancellation form to cancel it.

What is the minimum contract period?

The minimum contract period is 3 months, which means you have to pay for at least 3 months whether you use the service or not. The contract will continue until you submit from MyPage.
E.g. If you start your contract in January, it is necessary to pay the usage fees for January, February, and March .

Do I need to return the Wi-Fi device?

Yes, Please return the Wi-Fi device, when you cancel your subscription.
If the Wi-Fi is not returned within 5 days after the end date, Lost/Replacement fees will be charged. Late Fees will not be applied in this case. Both Lost/Replacement Fees and Late Fees, if applicable, will be charged to the credit card used for the purchase.

What is the cancellation policy?

The contract end date will always be the last day of the month. You must submit an official cancellation request by the 20th of the month to cancel the contract at the end of that month. If you submit the form after the 20th, the contract will end the following month.