Fukuoka Central Post Office

How to Receive Pocket WiFi / Data SIM Card at the post office

How to Receive Pocket WiFi at Fukuoka Central Post Office

To receive packages from LightPocket such as a data SIM card and a Pocket WiFi router.
To a clerk at Fukuoka Central Post Office, please tell the tracking number of the package we sent and show your passport* for collection.
Once your package is sent out from us, you will receive a Delivery Information Email with the tracking number. You can also check the tracking number at My Page.
*Besides your passport, your driver's license is also available as ID.

Important Note
If the name on the package and your passport name do not match, you can not receive your package.

Fukuoka Central Post Office Information

Business hour : 00:00-24:00 (All year round)
Business hours may vary depending on the situation. Please be sure to check the official website before visiting.

Fukuoka Central Post Office Google maps

Fukuoka Central Post Office Address
Postalcode : 810-8799
Fukuoka Central Post Office Kyokudome,4-3-1 Tenjin, Chuo-ku, ,Fukuoka
Tel : 0570-005-128
00:00-24:00 (All year round)
The nearest Station :  Tenjin Station

福岡中央郵便局 住所
福岡県 福岡市中央区天神4-3-1 福岡中央郵便局 局留め
Tel : 0570-005-128
00:00-24:00 (年中無休)

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