Best Travel WiFi Rentals at Haneda Airport

Best Travel WiFi Rentals at Haneda Airport

Updated : 2024-01-28 22:56:23

When traveling to Japan, one of the most challenging aspects is the difficulty in accessing the internet easily. Japan has limited free Wi-Fi availability, making it not easily accessible for travelers. For those considering a trip to Japan, I highly recommend booking a Prepaid SIM card, an eSIM, or a Pocket Wi-Fi before arriving.

In particular, I strongly suggest renting a Pocket Wi-Fi. Compared to SIM cards or eSIMs, Pocket Wi-Fi excels in terms of connectivity quality, price, and data capacity. Renting a Pocket Wi-Fi can greatly assist during your stay in Japan, allowing you to look up directions, stay in touch with friends and family, and remain connected effortlessly.

Renting a Pocket Wi-Fi is possible at Haneda Airport.
This article will introduce the features of services that offer reasonably priced Pocket Wi-Fi rentals at Haneda Airport.

Things to keep in mind when renting a Pocket WiFi at Haneda Airport

You can rent a Pocket Wi-Fi directly at the counter in Haneda Airport, but it's advisable to make a reservation before coming to Japan.
Advantages and disadvantages of booking before coming to Japan are as follows


Advantages of booking a pocket Wi-Fi before coming to Japan

Lower Price

The rental price for Pocket Wi-Fi provided by internet service is usually cheaper than renting directly from shop-operated services.

No Stock Shortage

During peak travel seasons, airport counters might run out of stock, but not all internet services offering Pocket Wi-Fi rentals online will run out of units.

Quick Process

When picking up your Pocket Wi-Fi at the airport's post office or counter, having a prior reservation allows for immediate collection, reducing your waiting time.


Disadvantages of renting a pocket Wi-Fi at the airport without a reservation

Higher Price

There might be an additional charge for airport rentals, which could surpass the regular rental fee.

Stock Shortage

During busy travel times, there might be no units available for rental at the airport, even if you go to the counter intending to rent a Pocket Wi-Fi.

Long Waiting time

Airport counter rentals require application, and during peak travel times, the high number of applicants leads to longer waiting times.

Make sure to reserve your Pocket Wi-Fi before your travel departure.

Recommended Providers for Pocket Wi-Fi Available at Haneda Airport Post Office

Apart from those introduced here, almost all Pocket Wi-Fi services operating in Japan will deliver to the airport post office.

Pocket Wi-Fi Providers at Haneda Airport

Here are the main rental services for Pocket Wi-Fi with dedicated counters at Haneda Airport. Even without a prior reservation, if there is available stock, it's possible to rent a Pocket Wi-Fi upon arrival at the airport. The Pocket Wi-Fi rental stores are open longer than the post office, so travelers can pick up Pocket Wi-Fi when their flights arrive in the evening. However, these shopes are not open 24 hours a day. If your flight arrives early in the morning or late at night, you won't be able to pick up your device. Also, these dedicated counters usually have higher rental fees compared to picking up at the post office.

Best way to rent Pocket WiFi at Haneda Airport

To secure the best Pocket Wi-Fi rental at Haneda Airport, it's advisable to make a reservation in advance and select a plan that suits your needs. Additionally, consider options in case you can't pick it up, such as opting for hotel delivery or choosing a service that offers forwarding options.

Helpful Information to Know

Receiving Pocket Wi-Fi at the Post Office Offers Lower Costs

People considering renting Pocket Wi-Fi at Haneda Airport might imagine renting from dedicated rental shops. However, most Japanese Pocket Wi-Fi rental services arrange for pickup at the Haneda Airport post office. While shops at airports offering Pocket Wi-Fi rental services have longer operating hours and are convenient for travelers, they incur high operational costs and airport usage fees. Consequently, these costs get added to the Pocket Wi-Fi rental fees, making them higher. Moreover, as only a few companies operate at airport shops, not all desired plans may be available. Post offices, being public services, are open to any company to use as a pickup point for Pocket Wi-Fi. This openness and price competition tend to reduce rental costs, making it fairer for users. Reserving Pocket Wi-Fi online before coming to Japan and picking it up at the airport post office ensures lower prices, availability of desired plans, and avoids stock shortages. This is likely the most favorable option.

If You Can't Collect Reserved Pocket Wi-Fi at Haneda Airport

There might be instances where you can't collect the reserved Pocket Wi-Fi at the post office or airport counter due to flight delays or changes in the arrival airport. In such cases, there are services that can forward the device to your accommodation, such as your hotel. By reserving for pick-up at Haneda Airport through services like Lightpocket or CDJapan, even if you can't collect it there, they will forward it to your hotel.

For Arrivals After 6 PM: Opt for Hotel Delivery

If your flight is scheduled to arrive after 6 PM, considering potential delays and immigration procedures, it might be better to arrange for the device to be delivered to your hotel rather than picking it up at the airport. Most Wi-Fi rental services can deliver the Pocket Wi-Fi to your hotel, allowing you to receive it upon hotel check-in.

Designate your rental period

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