Receive Your SIM or WiFi Router at your AirBnb!

Receive Your SIM or WiFi Router at your AirBnb!

Updated : 2023-11-03 17:10:03

Do You Want Us to Send Your SIM or WiFi Router to your Airbnb
Only For LightPocket Users, We Are Glad To Help

If you plan to stay at an Airbnb, and want us to send your package to the Airbnb accommodation where you will stay, we are happy to help. All you have to do is send us a message, which will be generated via the red button below, to your host, and then forward the reply from the host to us. Generally, you cannot receive packages at many AirBnBs in Japan for the reasons detailed at the bottom of the page. However, with this service, LightPocket solves issues that allow you to have a great experience in Japan. If you have a great experience with LightPocket, please share your experiences with your friends!

Important Notes

Once this offer is accepted by your host, you do not need to wait to receive the package at your AirBnB, as LightPocket will send it directly to your host! If there is even one "No" response from your host to a question however, we can't send the package to them. If that happens, we recommend you receive the package at the post office closest to your AirBnB.
Useful Post Office information
If your host replies with their address in Japanese, don't worry, LightPocket will confirm the address before sending your order. Just copy the address written in Japanese and send it to us.

Please copy message below and send it to your host.

One Major Problem at Airbnb in Japan: Failure to Receive Your Package

Demand for AirBnb units in Japan is rising.
However, as AirBnB becomes more popular, problems between users and hosts often happen. That is, you cannot receive packages at the Airbnb where you are staying.
Traveling, studying, having a business trip, etc.. The number of people pre-ordering pocket WiFi routers or prepaid SIM cards before visiting to Japan is increasing rapidly along with the number of Airbnb rooms to meet demand.
Nevertheless, most pocket WiFi/prepaid SIM providers recommend NOT to receive the equipment at an Airbnb as many things could go wrong. They even warn you on their websites to avoid it if you can.

Address Info: Lack of The Name of The Building
If there is no exact name of the building where your package will be delivered, the delivery company will/can not deliver the package. There are many cases where multiple buildings are located at the same address in major cities such as Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, and Fukuoka.

Address Info: The Apartment/Flat Or The Condominium Lacks a Name
If there is no detailed information about the Airbnb unit, including the number of your room, the full name of the Airbnb owner, and a phone number, most delivery companies won't/can't deliver your package.

Unregistered Postal Address
There are many cases in which an AirBnb address is not registered with the Japanese Post Office, and in such a case, they won't/can't deliver the package.

Locked Mail Box
If the mail box has a password lock, you need to confirm how to open it with the owner beforehand.

The Japanese Address Is Written Incorrectly
There are some differences in the format of writing addresses in Japanese and in English. If you don't write it accurately, there is possibility that your mail or packages will not be delivered because delivery service companies can't determine if the address is vague or questionable.

With Accurate Address Information, Your Package Can Be Delivered Even to Airbnb Rooms

If these issues in "Major Reasons to Fail to Receive Your Luggage" are solved, your packages can be delivered to an AirBnb.

Amazingly Accurate Japanese Delivery Service

Once all the address information is accurate, your package will be delivered anywhere in Japan within 3 or 4 days. Delivery service companies in Japan are great, and lost or damaged packages is rare.

Up to now, LightPocket has contacted many AirBnb hosts directly based on customers' needs. However, LightPocket is not an agent for Airbnb hosts, thus we sometimes face issues such as failure to receive a complete and correct address, and for hosts taking too much time to reply.
Furthermore, even when you obtain a accurate address, there are still times when packages will not be delivered. For example, if there is nobody home to receive a package when it is delivered, a re-delivery request is often required.
To avoid such issues, we have kept the functionality of this output to a bare minimum to send your WiFi/SIM package. The address is written both in Japanese and English, so please copy and use both when you contact your host.

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