Address Verification Service for Airbnb Stay in Japan

Before/after/during you stay in Japan, it is very convenient to have a place to receive - whether or not you are at - packages, including a pocket WiFi router, a prepaid SIM card, and one purchased from online shops.
However, at lots of Airbnb rooms in Japan, you cannot receive packages with various reasons.
We solve such issues entirely to certainly receive packages at Airbnb in Japan, and provides the correct address information in Japanese and English.
For a limited period of time, we offer you this service completely for free.

Address Verification Service for Airbnb
Japan Best Pocket Wi-Fi Rental

Unlimited Fast Data

¥200/Day -

Money Back Guarantee

Pocket WiFi Rental
unlimited data sim card Japan

Unlimited Data

¥60/Day -

Money Back Guarantee

Data SIM Card Rental

Pickup At Wherever You Want

How to recieve

At airports, hotels, post offices, and even at residences. We will deliver the rental item to almost wherever you'll be at, and you can pick it up.

Find more at: How to Receive the Rental Items

Easy Return

How to recieve

Put the items in the prepaid return envelope we provide, and drop it into the mailbox anywhere in Japan by the midnight of the return date.

Find more at: How to Return the Rental Items

540 JPY